Hello my friend! Allow me to introduce myself.

Moldoveanu Peak

My name is George Tiganus and I live in Romania, South-Eastern Europe. I a big SEO enthusiast and mountain climber and I think that’s not just a coincidence since they both require ambition, perseverance and a strong will to succeed.

I went through 3 struggling years of learning what it takes to become successful online. I started from absolute ZERO and I failed miserably in my first 2 years. I was attracted to the idea of becoming a network marketing leader. This is when I started to also learn a little bit about ranking sites. Things got better and better and I went from building MLM downlines to building high-earning websites.

I never even considered quitting. The alternative was a railway engineering job for the rest of my life (including waking up at 5 AM and returning home at 5 PM!). Not for me!

I don’t like to write about successful stories and things like that. I’m going to let you read through my blog and you’ll certainly learn some useful stuff about building and monetizing websites. It’s not that hard but you have to learn things first.

If I’ve done it, anyone can!