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Ambit Energy was launched in 2005 and is a private company focused on providing top quality services at a very affordable price. Ambit Energy now serves more than 30 million customers in the states of Texas, Maryland, New York and Illinois and will continue to expand as the need for inexpensive energy is growing.

Ambit Energy Review

Ambit Energy Review

Ambit Energy is an energy service provider that uses the network marketing model to expand their business in the USA. Its co-founders are Jere W. Thompson Jr. and Chris Chamless.

Mainly based in Dallas Texas, Ambit Energy already offers energy services in some of USA’s deregulated states. Depending on which state people live, the corporation has reduced consumer costs by seven to twenty percent.

Ambit Energy is a network marketing company enjoying great popularity due to its highly demanded product. Its 30 million client base will continue to grow as the requirements for cheaper energy are getting bigger and bigger. The difficulties faced by the economy will further increase the popularity of independent energy providers.

The Ambit Energy Business Opportunity

The cost of joining Ambit Energy as a marketing distributor is a one time fee of $399. Consultants increase their earnings by growing their business and they can make as high as $15 per month for each of their group customers depending on how much electricity they use and where they are situated in the downline.

While there are customers who get you only 50 cents per month, the fact that you get paid 6 levels deep can mean thousands of monthly commissions and a huge residual income.

If you sign up 3 consultants and help them get 10 customers each, you can earn more than $20,000 a month just by completing 4 levels. You are entitled to receive commissions as soon as you have successfully referred someone to the system.

Ambit Energy is an awesome opportunity if you consider building a business from the comfort of your own home and especially because every person you know uses energy on a daily basis.

Ambit Energy Scam

So is Ambit Energy a scam?

I believe that Ambit Energy is a perfectly legal opportunity. The fundamental obstacle to becoming really prosperous in multi-level marketing is to understand how to attract more reps into your organization.

The only successful solution to put together a consistent network marketing team is to understand the concept of leadership. 97% of individuals give up in network marketing not because they are less talented compared to others but because they don’t have a blueprint for success and a leader to follow.

Ambit Energy works in the same way. It’s a great chance at network marketing success, but that can only be achieved if you acquire the knowledge so you can teach others and if you have the will to invest the required time and effort into learning how to master leadership abilities.

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Ambit Energy

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