The most important thing for better search engine rankings is to get backlinks to your site. Having a well optimized content also helps but keep in mind that backlinks represent the number one criterion and you should pay very close attention to it.

Once you master some backlinking techniques and provide a constant flow of backlinks, your website will certainly start to climb up the rankings.

Backlinks To Your Site With

Social Monkee

Backlinks To Your Site

I’m talking about free backlinks! This new service is amazing and also very simple to use, you just provide the URLs and you start getting backlinks everyday.

Social Monkee has two types of membership:

- a free option which allows you to submit one URL to 25 sites, once a day (still a great option because you have nothing to do than submitting your URL and let it do the rest)
- the premium option which is a one time payment of $47 (one of the cheapest ways to get hundreds of backlinks to your site per day you’ll ever find) and gives you the option to submit 1 URL to 100 sites, three times a day

That is 300 backlinks per day with a click of a button!

Ready for some more great news?

You can upgrade your account for free if you refer 12 members to Social Monkee. Just tell your friends and send emails to your list… anyone who has a website will certainly be excited to get some free backlinks on a regular basis.

How powerful these backlinks to your site are?

The guys who provide this service have 100 social boookmarking websites which they own. They are mostly PR0, PR 1 and PR2 but hey, it’s 300 backlinks per day so they will still count.

Another great thing is that they give you a list of direct links resulted from your submissions and also an RSS feed for every project. You just have to take those links and ping them to let search engines know about them.

How many backlinks to your site can you get?

The number of backlinks to your site is not limited. There is a rule though and that is to not submit the same URL more than once. The reason is obvious, if you try to get links from the same 100 websites to the same URL time and time again, your site and theirs will get penalized.

This opens another discussion: if you only have a website with a few pages, there’s only a number of backlinks to your site you will receive. But most people who read this are probably internet marketers, so if you publish content on a regular basis, Social Monkee is a no brainer! It’s like asking someone “do you want to eat this incredibly delicious cake for free?”. Some people could still say no :) but most people will take the offer in a second.

As hard as I would try to find cons to this service, I can’t. I still haven’t submited too many URLs but I wanted to spread the word about it as I think is one of those things that are really worth it and there’s nothing to lose.

Get backlinks to your site for free with Social Monkee by clicking on the banner below:

Social Monkee

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