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Right now there are many businesses being developed on the internet. More and more people worldwide have come to the conclusion that the internet is a much easier way to reach wider audiences and find customers who are looking exactly for that particular thing they are promoting.

Why does a business need email marketing solutions?

Think about a person’s reaction when they visit a website. Most people will check out the information and never return. There are many reasons for that but it is a proven fact that people surfing the web are not likely to return to a website unless it really is something they can’t forget.

Putting up a website that catches the eye is usually not an easy task and that doesn’t guarantee in any way that visitors are going to return. This is the reason why business owners should think of an email marketing solution.

The tool used for email marketing is called autoresponder. What this does is to capture the visitor’s information (usually name and email address, but you can also ask for their phone number and other things you are interested in).

Email autoresponders are the most important aspect of promoting a business on the internet. The fact that people leave a website and usually never return makes capturing their details a necessity for keeping them interested on the long run.

Autoresponders give you the opportunity to send emails as often as you wish to as many people as you have on your list. You can do that on a daily basis or set exactly the number of days between each email you send.

The best thing about this is that you only write every email once, save it in your email autoresponder and the software does its job, sending as many emails as you can compose to each and every new subscriber.

This is why email marketing solutions are crucial. They create the relationship with the customer so there are many things a well-written email campaign can do.

Depending on what your business is about, you can do all sorts of things with your emails like inserting links, adding pictures or making calls to action. It is usually a great idea to also add your contact information at the end of each email you send.

But what makes a person give their contact information?

People usually don’t like to do that unless they really think they will greatly benefit from the information they receive.

This is where the opt-in form comes in.

The opt-in form is the box that appears on the website encouraging readers to subscribe in order to receive more info on a particular topic.

The moment they fill in their name and email and hit the subscribe button, they will be automatically registered to your autoresponder list and start receiving your emails.

Its appearance may be of great importance and it should be placed somewhere people can see it from the very first moment.

The best thing you can do to increase the rate of people who subscribe is to offer some kind of free information as a gift to the visitor. It might be an e-book, a video training or anything else related to the website’s topic. Think of it as a legal bribe, because this is exactly what it is.

There are many email marketing solutions out there, from free autoresponders to monthly paid services. Usually there is a big difference between the options you get so if you are really serious about establishing a steady relationship with your prospects you might consider paying a monthly fee for a professional email autoresponder solution.

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This article is special because it is about the best article marketing software and I really think that I can give a valuable tip on this one.

Article Marketing is a very important component of any marketer’s arsenal. I personally love it and that is for a reason: it is the best way to get on top of the search engines and stay there!

Other marketing methods may be efficient but sooner or later you’re going to go down from that first position on Google for the keyword you are targeting. That is usually not the case for a well-written article. If you manage to get it there, it will stay there!

Search engine rankings are based on the content people are writing on their websites so they absolutely LOVE articles! This is why article marketing is becoming more and more a science and everybody is trying to find the most efficient ways to make the most of their articles and get them to rank as high as possible.

So how can you make an article go viral and help you get as many first page results as possible?

The most important things you will ever do to make your article get seen by thousands of people are spinning and submitting to hundreds of article directories.

Best Article Submission Software

Spinning helps you create more variations of your article and makes it look like a new one.

The more you spin an article, the more unique articles you’re going to send.

In case you’re wondering what happens if you submit the same article over and over again, let me tell you that when search engines see an article with the same content, they just keep one copy of that and the rest are going to disappear from the results. It seems fair enough because they always look for fresh content.

In some cases when they see the same article everywhere they just make it disappear completely so you have to be very careful when you do the spinning.

The last and most important part is to find the best article submission software that can do the job for you. As an internet marketer, you can’t just sit and submit your spun article hundreds of times, you don’t have that time and you have to make sure you invest in some kind of software that can do that for you.

I’ve used many article submitters but I am blown away by only one of them:

The Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Software

I don’t want this to sound overly promotional but I can’t help it, this is really an incredible offer. Article Marketing Robot is indeed an affiliate product but it is, in my opinion, the best by far.

It is a fairly new service and at this moment it includes a list of almost 1700 article directories. I’ve never seen any submitter to have more than 1000 so this is a big plus from the start, but the best is yet to come!

It automatically creates new accounts to over 1300 of them (at least that’s what it did on my first try) at the click of a button. It also confirms those accounts so you don’t even have to check your e-mail to do any verification.

It also includes a very effective article spinner and the support is absolutely fantastic. Overall, this is definitely the best article submission software and the price is a one-time fee (currently $79.95) which is unbelievable considering the huge amount of backlinks you get for each article you submit.

I think this could easily be a 50$ per month service so if you are into article marketing, just get it, it is too good of an offer to pass up!

Click on the picture below to get more details.

Article Marketing Software

How To Write A Blog Post

So you finally decided to make your own blog and the first question that comes to mind is – how to write a blog post? Apparently, this is the easiest thing in the world: you just think of a subject, write some 250 word article and publish it. Cool!

But… you don’t get even one visitor and you start to wonder why.

Write Blog Post

After all, you think you wrote something interesting enough to get the readers’ attention. And in the meantime, some crappy blogs on the most common subjects get 3000 visitors daily and that can only convert into a lot of money for the owner.

You certainly want to know how that is possible so let’s get into it! What makes a blog post so good that people are drawn to it and they praise the blogger even though there are thousands of people that could write better content?

It is all a matter of structure and optimization.

What? And I thought the only thing that matters is how interesting my topic is. And I’ve spent so much time making everything sound perfect!

Well, content IS important. You can’t write something just to fill in some space and then wait for visitors to show up. But there are some more aspects that make a blog post a lot more appealing.

First of all, you have to decide what you want to write about and do some keyword research. Your article has to be laser-targeted on some particular keyword phrases (no more than two!). Keep in mind that search engines don’t care about the passion you put into writing that article, they are just looking for relevant content on particular topics.

The basic elements of an article are: the title, the body and the tags. All of them are VERY important when it comes to writing a compelling blog post, they are what search engines analyze in order to establish their rankings.

The Title

If your title doesn’t contain the keywords you are targeting, you don’t have the slightest chance to get noticed. If you want to write a blog post on “how to train a pitbull”, you’d better name your article “how to train a pitbull” or “pitbull training tricks” or something that is very related to the subject.

The first thing that search engines look for is the title and you are never going to see an article about car insurance on the first pages related to dog training.

The Body

The actual content is not so restrictive. As a matter of fact, you don’t want to keep repeating “pitbull training, pitbull training” to make sure you article will rank higher. You just want to make sure you mention the keyword phrases from time to time to make it clear that your article is connected to your title.

Search engines analyze the content of your article and detect the related keywords such as dog food, dog behavior, so if your article is relevant they will see it and give it a higher position.

The Tags

Most people don’t even know tags exist but they probably are the most important element of a blog post.

Tags (or keywords) are short phrases, highly-related to the article’s subject, that contribute to its relevance.

For example, an article related to pitbull training could use tags such as “aggressive dog training”, “guard dog training” and other similar phrases depending on the specific topic.

I personally think about my articles’ tags before starting to write the content. Keyword research is the thing you should start with, you should write on topics that people want to read about because this is what is going to get you interested visitors.

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