Placing comment links on other people’s blogs is one of the most common ways to get more backlinks to your website. The funny thing is that many people have no idea that a comment where you fill out your name and website means a backlink that is surely going to be counted by the search engines.

Why are comment links valuable?

Comment links

1. They usually stick. If you make a valuable comment that is related to the article’s topic, there’s no reason why the owner of that website will not allow it to appear on their blog. This means your comment will be accepted and it will stay there, and that’s a permanent backlink which is exactly what you would like to get.

2. Other people may become interested in what you do. Commenting on high traffic blogs could get you additional exposure. There are many people who read through comments and they might check out what you are up to if your comments are interesting enough.

3. They are easy to get. It only takes a few minutes or so to make an insightful comment that is not like “Great post, thanks”. Of all the methods of getting quick backlinks, it is definitely one of the best.

What about comment links spam?

There are many tools that allow you to do mass commenting. You only need a list of blogs, write a generic comment, press a button and the software does its job. The approval rate varies a lot depending on the platform these websites are built on, the spam filters and many other factors.

Professional link builders use comment links as one of the most important strategies. Doing this on a regular basis without abusing it will absolutely help your website grow. It is also safe to do it… you can only have your comment rejected, nothing more.

The main problem is that many people don’t have a reasonable strategy and they try to spam comment on thousands of blogs everyday. This is like an alarm for search engines… everything that doesn’t look natural will certainly arouse suspicion and there is a possibility that their website will be penalized or even de-indexed.

Using auto commenting tools wisely will really help you achieve better rankings.

Is getting auto comment links black hat?

I used to think of “black hat” like a really bad thing before I started to learn some tricks and see the whole picture. Talking about comment links, you have two choices: commenting manually or learning to do it automatically. There’s also a third and better option: combining the two.

Your time is very valuable and you will certainly won’t be able to spend it all by commenting to get backlinks. This is why I think the best choice is to comment manually on some high PR (page rank) blogs to make sure you’re adding some value to the conversation and get your comments approved and use some auto software to comment on more blogs to get a bigger number of backlinks.

At this point, let me introduce you to one of my new best friends :) It is called Scrapebox and every link building expert can only have good words about it. It’s kind of an “all around” tool used for so many things and it is a one-time fee product which is amazing considering what it does.

It doesn’t have an affiliate program so I’m only recommending it because I’m thrilled about it. I will talk about it more in the future as it is pretty complex and can be used for many things.

Please leave your thoughts on the strategy of getting comment links below!

Comment links

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