If you are serious about becoming a successful internet marketer, you must use some tools that are really going to set you apart from the competition and give you a tremendous advantage.

The fact is that most people are reluctant to invest in their education and spend ANY money on marketing tools but I can honestly say that it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to have an impact and grow your business without them.

I know what you’re thinking: I HAVE to buy this, I HAVE to buy that… why the heck would I do that? Well… not because I’m telling you to do it, but because if you do a search on the people who had HUGE success on the internet, you’re gonna see that over 90% of them have used these priceless information sources and tools to build their businesses to a much higher level than the rest.

If you’re serious on becoming REALLY successful, you’re going to come back to them sooner or later (the sooner, the better – don’t forget that TIME is priceless).

Since this used to be an MLM blog, I’m going to keep the recommended MLM courses on the list (the last two), even though learning SEO has nothing to do with them. For old time’s sake :) Still, I learned a lot about the successful way of looking at things from a leader’s perspective by reading (and listening to) them.

The rest of the recommended tools are some of those that I use almost every day to rank my sites. There are a lot more that I use, I’ve just listed the best of the best here.

So here’s MY LIST OF “MUST-HAVE” SEO TOOLS, the ones I also use (most of them are affiliate links, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to):



There are thousands of web hosting solutions out there and Hostgator is one of the best. They offer a wide range of hosting plans that suit every need and their support team is just fantastic! Reliability is their strongest point, I’ve never had a website down, not even for a minute!

You can host your own wordpress blog with Hostgator with just a few mouse clicks!


This has been on the market for some time and it’s still used by everybody. It submits articles to thousands of article directories, you can add your own directories (and also websites that you own). Article marketing is one of the main ways of promoting a website and AMR does a wonderful job.

It’s a one-time payment which makes it even more appealing. Money well spent.


Just like AMR is a great tool for submitting articles, BMD is great for social bookmarking. Its speed is really awesome, you can run it on 40 threads (which means A LOT of bookmarks VERY fast!). Learning it is not as easy since it has a lot of options, but once you know what to do with it and you add a few thousands of bookmarking sites that work, you’re going to rock!

It’s also a one-time payment (got to love that!). It’s also constantly updated (a very big plus).


This is an all-around tool that you can do so many things with! From auto commenting on blogs to checking websites’ PR and checking if pages are indexed in Google… but there are so many things this tool does! I’m going to make some tutorials about it but in the meantime, if you don’t have it, you have to get it!

It’s great for beginner and advanced people, you just can’t afford to not have it on your computer.


A big issue when it comes to the SEO battle is duplicate content. Google doesn’t like it and you can’t just copy an article, paste it on your site and wait for miracles to happen. They don’t. You need unique content and the best solution is called spinning. The Best Spinner automatically creates variations for your article and that’s what you’re going to use to get backlink diversity.

The best spinner on the market, period. Another must-have, this time with a yearly fee (decent price for what it does though).


Magnetic Sponsoring

Have you ever heard about “The Godfather” of Internet Marketing? His name is Mike Dillard and his first and best-selling ever e-book on the subject is “Magnetic Sponsoring”.

Every online marketing professional has this tool in his arsenal. You’re gonna learn the basics on how to brand yourself and lay the foundation to your online success.


Black Belt Recruiting

Bothered your friends and family trying to grow your MLM business? There is a different and very successful approach! With the Black Belt Recruiting 6 CD-series you’re gonna get very deep into the pshychology of sponsoring. It is a rare gem and it’s going to change the way you think about network marketing.

You also have a free 60 minute video available even if you don’t want to buy the product! Go watch it, it is priceless!