Global Domains International – GDI was founded in 1999 by Alan Ezeir and Michael Reed.


The idea for their project was to sell web domains with the “.ws” extension, thus also starting a network marketing business. This Global Domains International Review is trying to determine objectively if this opportunity is a scam or a profitable way of becoming affiliated with a trustworthy MLM company.

A .ws domain from GDI costs 10$ a month and includes:

  • choosing and registering your own domain name
  • quality hosting and 100 MB storage space
  • a website builder that can help you build your site from scratch very quickly, with 100 MB gallery storage
  • 10 e-mail addresses for each domain, 1 GB of storage space per address
  • the possibility to forward your domain to another location, leaving it parked with a simple construction screen and the option of using another hosting company


The compensation plan looks like this: you get 1$ for every new affiliate in your network starting with your direct affiliates on level 1 through to the indirect affiliates from up to level 5.

This example shows what happens if every person sponsor 5 new people into GDI. It comes up to 3905 people and that means 3905$ in your pocket but keep in mind that you can sponsor as many people as you can!

Recently, GDI introduced the premium package for 40$ a month which offers 1 GB of storage space, 50 e-mail addresses and premium compensations of 15$ for every affiliate on level 1 and 5$ for every affiliate up to level 5. The earning possibilities are substantially higher and every premium affiliate enters a daily lottery for new trial signups that do not have an affiliate sponsor. Pretty neat!

Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of becoming an affiliate with Global Domains International:


  1. The company is already over 10 years old and is known to be trustworthy and regularly paying its affiliates.
  2. No geographic restrictions: you can have affiliates in your team anywhere from the Philippines to France to Brazil!
  3. Every new member gets a 7-day free trial to test the system and may opt out at any stage of this trial period without having to pay for anything.
  4. The 10$ a month fee is reasonable for an MLM opportunity and the compensation plan is quite profitable.
  5. For every 5 new accounts signed up during one week, you receive 100$ bonus; 50 new affiliates in a week = 1000$ bonus!
  6. GDI offers 12 highly convertible replicated sites you can use in your promotional campaigns.
  7. You can track visitors to your website and you receive a notification e-mail everytime someone fills in the optin form on your website.
  8. The pros of the premium package have already been mentioned.


  1. The website builder is a bit limited and, although it permits the creation of attractive pages, it doesn’t offer the liberty of shaping the page into the precise desired form.
  2. Global Domains International does not offer training programmes on how to promote your own website in order to achieve good results, making it rather difficult for a newbie.
  3. Although for most users 100 MB of storage space is enough for a nice looking website, some professionals might find the space insufficient for a complex project.

global domains international review

The bottom line is Global Domains International is a good opportunity for starting an MLM business with a reasonably small monthly fee, and it includes the one thing needed by any aspiring Internet marketer: your own website. This will help you to easily recommend GDI to your partners.

And as far as the question “is Global Domains International A Scam?” is concerned, the answer is “absolutely not!” and anyone can easily check their personal GDI account for proof that the company pays thousands of dollars of bonuses every week!

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