Today’s topic is how to find a niche. This is a crucial concept and must be understood by every single person who aspires on becoming a successful online entrepreneur. Finding profitable niches is entertaining and you will have many aha moments where you feel you hit the jackpot.

Online success can be achieved either by building a hugely successful website that becomes an authority in a niche or by creating a bigger number of smaller websites and monetizing through different methods like Google Adsense, selling Clickbank or Amazon products and so on.

How to find a niche – why bother?

How To Find A Niche
The main reason why you should get used to doing niche research is that building a website around a keyword nobody is searching for is literally wasted time. There are so many people who create websites that never get even 10 visitors total and the owner eventually decides to give up the domain.

There may be two reasons for getting the niche wrong:
- building a website on a topic nobody’s searching for
- choosing a topic like “make money” which has an insane amount of competition

How to find a niche – the best tools

Let’s talk about the tools that can help you finding a good niche.

The first one and the one you should start with is the Google Keyword Tool. Google offers this great tool that gives an estimate of the monthly traffic on any topic along with some related keywords. This shows how to find a niche you can dominate and the exact keywords you should target.

You should generally choose a keyword phrase that has at least 2,000 monthly phrase match searches. This can vary greatly depending on what you want to accomplish with that website but anything less than 2,000 I think is too low.

A more sophisticated keyword research tool that really teaches you how to find a niche is Market Samurai. What this does is to provide a much more detailed analysis, including some powerful information like the commercial value of the keyword phrases, the number of competing websites and my favorite, the seo competition which reveals the top 10 competing websites on any keyword.

You get to find out exactly how optimized the competing websites are and how are they getting their backlinks. With a little exercise, you’ll be able to decide quickly if a certain keyword is worth going for.

How to find a niche – final thoughts

I think finding a great niche is not that hard at all once you get used to it. Whatever you decide to focus on, remember to do your keyword research and find a keyword phrase with a decent amount of searches and an acceptable level of competition.

There are very few occasions in which I write an article that is not laser targeted on a certain keyword. This is what you should do too, at least until you become successful and have many people who are watching your every move.

Adaptability is the name of the game. If you want to make a living off the internet, you have to plan your every move. Knowing how to find a niche is going to take you higher and higher.

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