This Jonathan Budd Review takes an in-depth look at the guy whose business has literally exploded into the internet marketing world. You can see him everywhere, starting from banners on the most visited websites on the internet to videos and articles all over the place.

Jonathan Budd Review

Behind Jonathan Budd there’s already a strong team of very experienced specialists he coordinates to get his business to new heights. He has managed to build great trust among internet marketers and has already reached an authority status. People watch his every move and his every product launch instantly turns into a multi million dollar business.

Courses like the MLM Mastermind System, the 7 Figure Networker, the Top Producer Formula are acknowleged as setting the standard for search engine optimization, pay per click strategies, teaching people the entrepreneurial way of looking at things, encouraging them to make their own products and using sales funnel to promote them.

How is that possible and what can a regular person do to ever come close to results like that?

For starters, you have to know that knowledge does not come out of nowhere. What I am going to say right now may be painful for some people BUT you just can’t really achieve expert status without learning some valuable techniques of website building and promotion. And usually to learn that, you have to buy some courses that teach you how to do it.

I agree that most of the information can be found for free on the internet, but let me ask you: do you know where to look? Or in other words: do you know what to look for? You could wander around for months to learn something that courses like Jonathan Budd’s teach you in 10 minutes.

The Google Adwords Slap

Google Slap

Recently, Jonathan Budd launched a brand new course, Get Traffic 3.0, which teaches you the fundamentals of Facebook PPC Advertising.

Facebook is now ranked number 2 in the world and its impact on internet marketing is huge. Their new pay per click option gives users the possibility to focus on exactly the target market they address to, the country and state they want to reach.

This is great news considering the fact that Google Adwords has really banned many accounts for violating some of their rules which are pretty absurd anyway.

I agree to the fact that Google requires quality websites in order to show them on their PPC column but nowadays you can’t safely promote your capture page because they could ban you anytime for no reason!

Jonathan faced exactly the same problem, he suddenly got his Google Adwords account closed. Try to think about what it feels like to have a multi million dollar business relying mostly on one promotional method and one day there’s nothing left!

This is what many marketers are facing, so the majority turned their attention to Facebook and the common conclusion is that Facebook PPC is like Google Adwords was in the beginning, and even better.

Is Jonathan Budd A Person You Can Trust?

Well, if you asked me who the best coaches in the MLM industry are, I would say that Jonathan Budd definitely makes it to the top 3. Besides a few tire kickers, I have never heard of a person complaining about the valuable information they get from Jonathan’s courses.

I personally never got into any of his training programs because I only heard about him after I joined another system that has worked very well for me. The choice is yours, the idea is to start the learning process as soon as possible.

There is a lot of money out there! Go get them!

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