Time for some more WordPress Plugins… today I’ll be talking about Keyword Luv, one of the best ways to get people interested to comment on your website. Not long ago, I was wondering how could I reward my website visitors who are kind enough to stop by and comment on my articles.

I knew that a blog comment where you fill in your name and website in the comment form means a backlink, which is great, but I was looking for something more powerful and as soon as I found the Keyword Luv plugin, I was extremely happy.

What does Keyword Luv do?

Keyword Luv

Keyword Luv allows you to get a targeted backlink to your own website with the anchor text of your choice.

OK, let’s stop and talk briefly about what the anchor text is. I think an example would help to understand this perfectly.

So let’s say a person named Christine comes to my blog and leaves a comment on one of my articles (Keyword Luv not installed on my blog at this point). She will instantly receive a backlink to her own website but the anchor text would be what she typed in the name field, that is “Christine”. But her website is probably targeted to a certain keyword phrase, and we’ll take as an example “marketing tips”.

So of course Christine would love to get a backlink with the anchor text “marketing tips” because this is what search engines want to hear for ranking her website higher for that keyword phrase.

This is where Keyword Luv reveals its power.

The plugin invites you to enter YourName@YourKeywords in the name field to take advantage. This allows Christine to fill out “Christine @ Marketing Tips” in the name field which will show in the comment section as “Christine From Marketing Tips” with “marketing tips” selected as the anchor text!

This way she gets not only a backlink, but a perfectly targeted one and this will contribute hugely to the rise of her website on the search engine rankings.

Are The Keyword Luv backlinks dofollow?

You’re probably going to wonder what dofollow means. This attribute was invented to classify links by their importance.

A nofollow link tells the search engines exactly that, to not follow that link, so you can easily figure out that a link like that is almost worthless. Well, not entirely, but it’s pretty weak anyway.

In order for Keyword Luv to give a dofollow backlink to someone who comments on your blog, you have to also install a dofollow plugin. I have the “Do Follow“ plugin installed, you can easily find it by selecting Plugins-Add New on your WordPress dashboard and search for it.

The description of the Do Follow plugin speaks for itself. It “removes the evil nofollow attribute that WordPress adds in comments”. :)

Most people will never know that they get a dofollow link from commenting on your website using Keyword Luv but I think that you are the one who should be really interested in helping them. And those online marketers who do make the difference will gladly return to comment on your posts knowing that you reward them with a juicy dofollow backlink.

So when you comment on my blog don’t forget to take Keyword Luv into consideration and fill out YourName@YourKeywords in the name field to take full advantage!

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