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Melaleuca is a direct sales company founded in 1985, one of the world leaders in quality wellness products. Frank VanderSloot is the man who turned this business into a very successful one and received numerous “man of the year” awards.

The Melaleuca Review

Melaleuca Review

With an estimated $900 million in profits annually, Melaleuca manufactures more than 350 natural health, home cleaning, pharmaceutical and personal care products. It is one of the largest privately owned companies in Idaho, competing with market giants like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

The company name derives from “Melaleuca Alternifolia”, a plant known for its oil which acts as a powerful antibiotic.

Just like many other direct sales companies, Melaleuca distributes their products through its network of affiliates. There is a one-time membership fee of 29$ for joining the company as a distributor and you get a 30-40% discount off the regular prices.

The marketing system is a 5 x 5 forced matrix on 5 levels. Each new distributor sponsored by you or your partners goes into the matrix and you get paid a percentage for every purchase made by someone in your downline.

So are you truly certain that Melaleuca isn’t an MLM scam?

I can say that Melaleuca is actually a completely legitimate home business opportunity. The main obstacle as far as being really prosperous in network marketing is to find out how to attract more distributors into your business.

There isn’t any alternative to building a strong network marketing team than to learn and understand the force of leadership. 97% of the individuals are unsuccessful in MLM not because they are less skilled as opposed to others but because they don’t have a blueprint for success and a leader to follow.

Melaleuca works likewise. This business opportunity gives you a massive possibility to turn into a network marketing superstar but for this to become a reality you have to find a good mentor and especially to be willing to learn the skills required from a successful attraction marketing coach.

Melaleuca Alternifolia

What is the best way to promote the Melaleuca business?

Let me tell you something: offline network marketing is the cause of the majority of failures in the business.

This actually occurs because people are sick and tired of running after their friends and constantly pitching their business opportunity to everyone.

There’s a new way of approaching things which is way more powerful and advantageous. Taking a business such as Melaleuca on the internet and showing it to a large number of prospects globally can really unleash its immense potential. You can not believe what can happen once you start learning some elementary internet recruiting strategies and use them in your business.

So many of the world’s most successful internet marketing leaders went from zero to hero and started making millions within just a year.

That does not imply everything is quick and simple and plenty of persons who gave up at some point can confirm that. This is just what helps leaders get noticed in the crowd. Leaders know a great idea once they see it, believe firmly in it and are willing to do anything to succeed.

You should keep in mind that network marketing prosperity is achievable after only half a year IF you know exactly where to search for the best guidance.

It’s not so complicated to launch a website, to promote it, get traffic and become widely known, but if you do not know how to channel your efforts it might appear frustrating in the beginning.

The majority of people will not reach the MLM dream of successful living because they miss the knowledge necessary for becoming a leader and getting hundreds of leads each day.

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Melaleuca Business

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