I’ve been asked which are my Online MLM Secrets and what would I recommend as a blueprint for any person who wants to take things seriously and use the internet for creating their own online empire.

Online MLM Secrets: First Step

It all starts with the simple things. For making your online presence noticed, first thing you have to do is start your own blog so you will need a self-hosted one from WordPress.org.

MLM SecretsThere is no doubt that this is the best platform, since every single internet marketing expert recommends it for its capability of installing all sorts of plugins that can make your website look unbelievable, work great and be very attractive for search engines.

Always keep in mind that Google Loves WordPress Blogs!

Online MLM Secrets: Second Step

Here comes the part where the difference is made. The second online MLM secret is to write content daily on your blog!

For most people, this seems impossible. Are there so many topics to write about?

Frankly, I can find a subject to write about in less than one minute. For a blog that wants to offer solutions to internet marketers, there is an endless number of things to write articles about: MLM companies, MLM leaders, MLM tools and so on.

You just have to start! Don’t think that you have to be a great writer, things are not like that! The most important thing is to get ranked high on the search engines for as many keyword phrases related to your blog topic as possible. That way, you will definitely start to see people who are interested in what you do.

People are in a constant search for leaders they can follow in every aspect or their life and that is especially true when it comes to a way of making money!

Online MLM Secrets: Third Step

Ok, so you write content daily, this is perfect, but how about getting people to notice you and your websites?

Online MLM

This is the moment you have to learn some marketing techniques to help you get wider exposure.

While step number two has been about discipline and ambition, this one is about knowledge and the will to learn. To be a teacher, you obviously must first learn some skills, you have to give people information they perceive as being very valuable.

People follow others for certain reasons. You have to become that person they trust and be there to get them started right. For this to happen, you have to become an expert in at least one marketing technique and let them know that you have value to give.

Online MLM Secrets: Fourth Step

My last online MLM secret is to keep daily contact with your list of prospects. The easiest way to do this is to get an autoresponder and install an opt-in form in a visible place on your blog.

Your goal must be to have as bigger a list as possible. As soon as you start getting a decent number of subscribers, always keep them up to date with your latest actions. Each time you write a blog post, send a message to your list and let them know about it!

Don’t worry that you’re going to become too insistent! You only want to have on your list people who like you and want to see everything you do. The others will unsubscribe from your list anyway and that is fine, not everyone is going to like your ideas but focus on getting content on a daily basis to share the knowledge with those who do like you.

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