Hello my friends! Today I’m going to reveal to you an awesome tool I also use to increase exposure of my blog posts. So read carefully through this!

It is about Onlywire, a social bookmarking service that more and more people are using to spread their content all over the internet. The truth is that social bookmarking has nowadays become a necessity. But let’s take a step back and clear things out.

What is social bookmarking???

Let’s say you write a very valuable post on your blog and you want people to know about it. The easiest way of doing that is through social bookmarking, that is to submit this post to as many social media websites as possible. You can’t go viral and get exposure without spreading the word out there.

You can manually submit your content to websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on but this could take you hours to do and don’t forget that time is the most valuable asset to anyone and especially internet marketers! You must be laser focused on what you do!

Is Onlywire really useful for you?

So why is Onlywire an alternative? Because you can social bookmark your content automatically to 42 websites in only a few minutes! This is a really useful tool and it gets the job done with ease. And don’t worry, you will find all the major websites in there: Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Mixx, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter and so many more! The first time you sign up you will have to create accounts with all the social bookmarking services available but that is definitely worth the effort as you will submit to them over and over and over again.

The way you use this is you install the OnlyWire for WordPress Plugin, you download the Onlywire Submitter which will be placed on your taskbar and then you are all set!

You will get an Onlywire Button at the end of your every blog post and all you have to do is click on it, the article title and URL fill in automatically, you just write your tags and a short description, press “Post Bookmark” and you’re done! The only thing still required is to right click on the Onlywire icon on your taskbar and select “Check for work”.

This is all you have to do!

On the downside, some of the submission will fail but you will definitely get over 30 bookmarks at the click of a button which is great.

Another important thing is that there is a free version and a paid one. The free version allows you to bookmark 300 times (each time you send a post to a site is counted) and the paid version starts with 10$ for 1000 posts per month. I would say that if you use it for your blog and you make on average about a blog post every 2 days, this could be more than enough. But if you only write from time to time then the free version is perfect for you!

I heard some people complaining about the failure rate of the Onlywire service but I think that as long as you get around 30-35 submissions for every post, this saves you a lot of time. And that button at the end of your posts also allows people to share your content on any website they want!

Overall, my review on the Onlywire social bookmarking service is a very positive one since I personally use it and find it very efficient for letting people know about me and the training I provide.

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