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Scentsy is a direct-selling company created in 2004 by Orville and Heidi Thompson. They sell wickless scented candles as well as ceramic warmers and other fragrance products.

Scentsy Review

Scentsy Review

Scentsy is among the most popular independent businesses and the fastest growing candle business out there and with valid reasons. It is because they offer a safe alternative to the regular candles you have used in the past.

Scentsy is not just a company that wants to enroll people and make a profit. They offer support and mentoring so every new distributor has a good chance to build a very profitable business. What started out as a sheep farm in Idaho is nowadays growing by more than 300 percent every year.

Scentsy Products

Scentsy Products started to gain popularity when the company organised its initial successful showing at a home party. After making the products by themselves and creating a sufficient amount of items for people to buy, they began promoting at local trade events.

Scentsy products are developed with the customer in mind. Their main product is the wickless candles and there are over seventy distinct deluxe warmers and more than eighty various scents.

Candles are about a three billion dollar business in the USA. There are numerous occasions when you may need wickless or flameless candles. Scented candles also are also a common and very requested piece of home decor. The organization presently has more than 50,000 independent consultants across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

The Scentsy Business

The Scentsy basic starter kit, which includes fragrance testers, business items, and demo products costs $99. Consultants make 20%-30% commission from their personal sales along with extra bonuses for the sales of other consultants they recruit. Every Scentsy consultant will get a free website for three months to set up their business, no credit card fees and free delivery on purchases above $150.

Scentsy Reviews

Is Scentsy A Scam?

If you asked me, Scentsy is a 100 percent reliable business. The main problem when it comes to being very efficient in network marketing is to learn how to attract more reps into your organization.

There is no alternative to build a powerful MLM team than to learn and master the power of leadership. A massive 97% of network marketers struggle in this industry not because of a lack of skills, but for not having a good thought-out strategy to become successful and a system to help them promote their business.

All these concepts also apply for Scentsy. It has the potential of creating multi-level marketing leaders, but all those aiming for that position need to find themselves a capable network marketing mentor as well as to dedicate the time and energy needed to learn what it takes to become a leader like that.

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