In this article I’m going to reveal some free article marketing strategies that can really get you a great amount of traffic to your website. I use article marketing and get a steady flow of leads to my websites and I learned from experience that this is the safest and strongest way to get traffic over time.

Article Marketing Strategies

Why is article marketing

so powerful?

Because the moment you distribute your articles to multiple article directories you get instant backlinks to your website and those are going to be there forever! People are going to read your content and click on the link you put in there and this way you regularly get new visitors. And some of the websites that publish your articles usually rank high in search engines and if you do your article the way you are supposed to, you have great chances of getting your website seen.

So which are the most important article marketing strategies?

First of all, you don’t make an article just to add some content to your website. You make it because you want people to find you and for that to happen, you have to give valuable information and focus on very targeted topics.

Free Article Marketing

Before you start making an article, think about what you want to  write about and do your keyword research!

Most internet marketers write some content, put some tags in there and just throw the article out there hoping for the best.

Guess what?

They don’t have the slightest chance to get consistent high rankings!


Because you can’t make an article on the topic “network marketing” and hope to get to the first page of Google. A search on this term returns over 140 million results! To get there, your website has to have a high page rank and you must write some great quality content!

Professionals think about the topic they want to write about, do their keyword research first and decide what phrases they want to target.

And then, and only then, they write the article!

As a beginner, the best way is to target keywords and especially keyword phrases that get searched by under 300 people daily. That way you have much higher chances to get your article seen by more people.

As an example, you can think about writing on “network marketing tips” or “network marketing secrets” because they get searched by less than 150 people daily. But being a smaller market, you can make it to the first page of the search engines way easier.

How do you get keyword ideas?

Use Google Keyword Tool! It is a free tool, just do a search on Google and you’ll find it.

Select your keywords carefully and think about what you want to accomplish with that article! Is your message compelling enough? Does it encourage people to take action? You have to do that if you want your article to be effective and to get you the traffic you want.

Most article marketing websites have a resource box that allows you to put in one or two links that point people to the source of the information. Use that to make your call to action and try to think from the reader’s perspective.

What does he want? If you were in his place, what would be the thing you would like to read that could make you click on that link to find out more?

Make sure you write every article following these guidelines and you should instantly get higher rankings for your websites!

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