Brian Fanale is a famous internet marketer, co-founder of one of the most powerful lead generation systems on the internet. Together with Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer, he created My Lead System Pro, a multi-million dollar business and has helped thousands of distributors learn the principles of online marketing.
But has Brian always been that successful?

Back in 2005, Brian was just a bartender, struggling to pay his bills and having a really hard time living a life he felt was totally unfulfilling.

Brian Fanale

In every successful person’s life there is a turning point. For Brian, that moment came when he understood the principles of attraction marketing. So he went from asking people to join his network marketing business to becoming a magnet for thousands of people who wanted to work with him and join his team.

There’s nothing more powerful on earth than the law of attraction. People are always drawn to others who take a step forward and do the things that others are unwilling to do.

Turning into a successful MLM leader is all about becoming aware of personal value, taking the time to learn some skills and applying those things with passion and commitment. Failure is the attribute of people who just don’t have the willpower to go on and do something often enough until they make it.

When Brian Fanale understood that, he quickly turned into a phenomenon. He joined Carbon Copy Pro, a marketing system that helped him sign an incredible number of people into his primary business, Wealth Masters International. He became number one in Carbon Copy Pro and all of a sudden got the great idea of creating something to ease up the painful learning curve for MLM distributors worldwide.

The creation of My Lead System Pro

Attraction Marketing System

2008 was the moment he met his two future partners, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer, and they immediately felt they had the same vision. The system they created is a very efficient sales funnel for any distributor, regardless of the MLM company he is in. It allows advanced customization and is designed to brand any person and make them look like they actually own that system.

They provide training on every marketing method on the internet including video, article, facebook, pay per click, linkedin, blogging, ezine and even traditional prospecting methods, getting the most efficient people on their weekly webinars to teach those strategies .

What Is Brian Fanale Doing Now?

Brian Fanale Rockstar

Brian achieved his dream of becoming the internet rockstar. He also plays bass in a band called Citizen and has gained the free time to go touring and do the things he always wanted to do. His lifestyle is a proof that any single person on earth can do that if they take it seriously and are willing to learn the principles of attraction marketing.

This is the road from complete failure to worldwide recognition. All it takes is ambition and constant learning from people who succeeded in network marketing. Anyone can turn into a skilled marketer within a few months, success is just a question of time when you decide to go to the top whatever it takes.

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