Hello my friends, George Tiganus here and today I’m going to reveal to you some advanced information about how to get your website to rank high on the first page of Google.

This is where the traffic is and if you are able to get high on the search engines for some keyword phrases people are targeting, you’re going to get a lot of traffic and that is going to help you in your business and make you money regardless of the business you are promoting.

Improve Google Ranking

Traffic means money!

So let’s go ahead and briefly talk about the SEO concept. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and you have to make your websites SEO friendly in order to get them to rank high on Google. There are many things that influence your site’s rank but I want to show you some basics so you can understand what can you do about it.

If I were asked which is the most important factor to increase your Google Rankings, I would definitely say BACKLINKING.

What the heck is backlinking, right?

Well, let’s first think about the search engines like some machines that constantly keep analyzing data of all the websites that are out there.

This is actually what search engines do. They study the information on each website, they determine how relevant that information is on a particular topic and use this as a criterion for their rankings. But there’s much more than just the information you have on your website’s pages. There could be millions of websites on network marketing, dog food or whatever people search on the internet.

One of the things which shows Google that a website is relevant is the number of incoming links it has. So if you compare 2 websites that are on same subject, the one that has more outside links coming to it is the one who is perceived as being more relevant and useful for the people looking for that particular information.


An incoming link, or an inbound link, or a backlink is a link on some other website that sends people to your website. The more quality your website has, the more backlinks you are supposed to get.

Google thinks of a link coming from some other website to your website as a vote and this is why backlinking plays a huge role in the way Google sets their rankings.

I suppose you have seen Wikipedia ranked first on Google results for just about any topic you could think of. They are ranked so high for a reason!

75.000.000 domain backlinks!!! (I know it is insane, but it’s TRUE!)

Now that we know how important backlinks are, we should be talking about how to get them, right?

There are several ways to do that and the most common are:

- reciprocal links – links between two websites to ensure mutual traffic
- forum links – using signature links on forums
- blog comment links – commenting on high page-rank blogs to get backlinks
- links from article directories, video sharing websites and other content-based websites

Search engines analyze these backlinks and the rule is kinda simple: “the more, the better”. But pay attention, this doesn’t mean you should buy some automatic tool and just get 1000 backlinks per day. This could work for a while but you can get seriously penalized and even banned from Google, which would make all your efforts useless.

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