Black Belt Recruiting is a well-known network marketing training course by industry legend Mike Dillard. In this review we will take a closer look to figure out if this has the potential to help MLM distributors start their business on the right foot.

The first question that comes to mind when thinking about how to sponsor more people in network marketing is: “how can I sponsor more reps without hard selling? ” Black Belt Recruiting focuses on the concept of attraction marketing and how someone can use this to build their business like an expert.

For his ambitious project, Mike Dillard brought in Mark Wieser, one of the guys he learned from in his first years of getting in contact with network marketing. The product itself consists of 6 CD’s of training and one brochure containing the most important principles of recruiting.

According to Mike and Mark, there’s a new way to think about sponsoring… It’s all about the psychology of leadership and human group dynamics.

You want to position yourself in the marketplace in a manner that allows interested prospects to find YOU and contact YOU. You have to know that people are attracted towards others who have equal or higher levels of value and status. The best way to become that person is obviously to increase your value by increasing your level of knowledge and experience.

Another thing a black belt recruiter must do is not get emotionally attached to the prospect and to the outcome of the conversation. This is a very difficult thing for human beings because we tend to give too much importance to every single sponsoring conversation and feel like whenever there’s a rejection, it is out fault.

The faster you try to win your prospects over, the faster they run away!

Black Belt Recruiting is all about having an abundance mentality, getting to the position where you actually care less about the outcome of a prospecting conversation than your prospect does.

Just have fun!

A great part of this course is the way to handle objections. Talking to people can have disastrous results when they come up with dozens of questions. And they usually do…

Even if this may sound strange, there are some typical answers experts use in a prospecting conversation. They may vary depending on the person they are talking to, but not by much. Mike actually confessed that the first time he was trying to talk to prospects on the phone using these persuasive answers, he had them written on paper all around him!

Becoming skilled in prospecting is a matter of talking to people over and over and learning from experience. You also have to study what other experts do and create your own style to lead a conversation.

Keep in mind that YOU are the expert and you can’t allow people to put you in an embarrassing spot. This is why YOU should always ask the questions!

If people are not fine with this, no problem, you just go to the next person who is willing to accept the fact that they have things to learn from you.

You can’t force anyone to become a successful leader in network marketing and that is why the superior option is to positions yourself as a leader and teach those who really want to get into your inner circle and do business with you. This is what black belt recruiting is all about!

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MLM Success Secrets Uncovered

Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard’s first and most influential book on internet marketing he ever wrote, is an experience the reader can’t forget. The thing that makes it so special is the very effective blueprint Mike Dillard gives for turning any person into a very successful leader.

Everything comes down to attraction. The psychology behind this is based on the attraction concept: people will always be magnetically attracted to others who have a high level of personal value and position themselves as leaders. So if you want to ever stand a chance of becoming the next Mike Dillard you have to first take a look at yourself, start learning in order to give, and take it one step at a time.

No expert has ever appeared out of nowhere. Success is a process and there are certain steps you cannot avoid. I don’t know if you realize, but for every successful person belief comes first! Belief doubled by massive action is the recipe for most of the 7 figure earners in ANY business!

So which are the characteristics of an internet marketing leader?

According to Mike Dillard, leaders radiate confidence and tend to not be concerned about outside criticism. This makes sense. Most people I know are floating in a sea of disbelief and when someone warns them that “this is a scam” they will never ever take a look at that opportunity again, even if it is the biggest golden nugget in history!

Leaders know exactly what they want and focus on achieving their goals. The most common problem people have is not knowing where they are going. The easiest thing is to live a disorganized life and not focus on anything. You tell me, what will a person like that achieve if they don’t know what they want and what they are supposed to focus on? If you are reading this, stop right now, take an hour off whatever you do and write your goals on paper, anything that really makes you say “WOW, how would my life be like if I had that or did that?”.

There is no really successful leader who lets his life be run by hazard. There is no such leader!

Magnetic Sponsoring

If you have ever seen Mike Dillard, you know that he completely radiates confidence and  positive energy. This is a feature of people who know they have value to give and do what the majority of people are unwilling to do.

If I told you that in order to get to live that extraordinary life you dream about, you have to learn something new everyday and always put yourself in front of new challenges for the rest of your life, would you still do it?

This is what you have to be ready for and there is no exception to this. This is the only reason why just 3% of internet marketers are actually making money. And they’re making the BIG money!

Coming back to Magnetic Sponsoring, there is no way I can tell you everything about this book. Almost every single paragraph is a memorable one and the most valuable thing in my opinion is that it teaches you exactly how to think and how to position yourself as the leader people love following.

You learn how to find your best prospects, how to create a business franchise and you get into the psychology behind internet marketing excellence.

Do the words “position yourself as a leader” not mean anything to you?Well then, if you want to find out how to do that, the solution is not very far!

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MLM Success Secrets Uncovered