Hello my friends! I am so excited to officially launch my blog today!

I could have done that some time ago, but I’ve decided to first learn the skills needed to succeed in the internet marketing world. And now the day has finally come! And what could be a better way to start than to pay tribute to the man that influenced me so much in the last few months?

I’ve developed the habit to listen to as many audiobooks on personal development as I can during my spare time. And the first one was the man himself… Jim Rohn. Great choice, I might add :)

For a whole month I spent at least two hours a day listening to his philosophy of life and I feel the reward in every breath I take. My priorities are much clearer, my plan is well-defined and every second I just feel that nothing can stop me to accomplish my goals.

Have you ever had that feeling? The feeling that YOU KNOW it’s gonna happen for you? I always remember Jim saying “YES, IT HAPPENED FOR ME!” in an unforgettable way and I find no reason why it couldn’t happen FOR YOU TOO.

So join me and let’s take our road to freedom! I promise you that if you are a perseverent, positive-minded person things are gonna happen for you too!

“Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” – Jim Rohn

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