The amazing journey from MLM to SEO :)

Alright! Most of you are probably wondering what I have been doing this last year. My last article on MLM was written more than 13 month ago and then I suddenly stopped.

I was already learning a lot about ranking sites and my focus went slowly from becoming a network marketing superstar to wanting to master search engine optimization. And I tell you, it’s quite entertaining! It’s about dancing with Google, learning what works and adjusting to the changes they always make.

You know, SEO is quite rewarding if you know how to do it. You can build a 5 pages site that earns $50 or more daily (it’s not gonna happen with every site of yours but you can have several of these and many more that make $5-$10 every day)).

My blog is officially turning into an “SEO tips” blog. This is what I do, this is what works for me and I really like being in the background and watching my sites going to number one on Google for phrases that people are desperately searching for.

Like any other way to make money, SEO is about always learning and getting better and better. You can’t sit and watch and expect things to work. You have to always try new stuff, see what’s best for you.

The good news is… you can get a site to rank on the first page of Google and make money in 2-3 weeks (and sometimes even less!). The bad news is, obviously… you have to work hard for it, at least in the beginning, before figuring out the way to do it.

So how can you make money? There are so many ways… Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, CPA offers, afiiliate programs and so on. I am in no way an expert on this field. I sometimes see people talking about advanced stuff that are still way beyond my knowledge. Still, I am doing great and I know I have many things to share. I got to the point where I understand what is important and what isn’t in SEO. It’s about learning some little tricks and applying them every day. It’s not that complicated either.

I remember the first time I heard about proxies, for example. I had no idea what they were and what they were good for. You have to take things one by one and you’ll figure them out. You can learn so many things by just doing a Google search… (this is how I actually learned the most useful stuff!). Of course I spent some money on tools and courses here and there but it was well worth it.

I have to make some changes to the way my site looks, it’s not going to be about MLM anymore. I remember trying so hard to rank for “MLM”, “MLM success”, “MLM training” and so on. That’s where it all begun :)

Stay tuned, the SEO learning story starts in a few days! In the meantime, I’ve updated my recommended SEO tools list, you should check it out.

In the last weeks I’ve been studying intensively the SEO strategies that most experts use for dominating the search engines so I’ve decided to share most of the things I learned with you.

There are so many things to take into consideration when creating a website and trying to get it to the first page of the search engines. About a month ago, I was completely lost hearing terms like “backlinks to backlinks”, “page rank”, “link maturity”, “link wheels”, “trackbacks” and so on.
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