So you’ve heard about the Usana Business and you’re probably wondering if this is just another MLM Scam. Before going on reading this, you must know that I am not involved in Usana and my review is just meant to help people who are about to join the business or are already Usana distributors and struggle to make things work.

Usana Scam

So many network marketing companies claim that they are the next big thing and all of a sudden they’re out of business and tens of thousands of distributors go mad and swear to never get involved with another MLM business ever again.

Not the case here, Usana is No Scam! Its 18 years of constant development in nutritional supplements, healthy-weight and personal care products make a strong case for a solid, trustworthy company. It has been listed on the Forbes 200 Best Small Companies List for three years in a row, won many international awards for their performances and has paid more than $1 billion in commissions to distributors worldwide!

As a part of their global expansion, Usana recently acquired BabyCare Ltd, a very important Chinese direct selling company with the declared purpose of getting to know more about the behaviour of the biggest market in the world. Is it obvious that things are not going to stop here!

Usana – The Business Plan

There is a very small initial investment, the purchase of the Usana Business Development System at around $30. Products range from chocolate nutrition bars to antioxidants tablets and hydrating crèmes.

There are six different types of bonuses to be earned in the Usana Business and the payout is based on a binary compensation plan. It all comes to what they call “business centers” and to activate one and start earning commissions, you must achieve 150 points in Personal Sales Volume.

Usana MLM Scam

The average yearly income for a Usana Gold Director (a person who maxes out one Business Center for 4 consecutive weeks) is $91,800. A recent company report indicates that 130 distributors have reached Usana’s Million Dollar Club.

So having success with Usana is simple, right?

In theory, you just need to be a very determined person and to find two more people like you and you’re on your way to becoming very successful.

But the fact is that only a very small percentage manage to achieve the desired prosperity with Usana. That is not because the company doesn’t encourage that but because people just don’t know how to do it.

My way of seeing things is: you can try running after people to join your business all your life OR you can switch to the internet and find out about how attraction marketing works.

What does attraction has to do with my Usana business???

If you want to chase people all your life to tell them about the Usana great compensation plan, be my guest. But my way of looking at this is: why not get people to chase you and become an inspiring leader faster than you could ever imagine?

Internet is about viral exposure. As opposed to real life, where you can only talk to about 10 people a day, on the internet you can get 100 or even more than 1000 leads a day and those leads are hungry for MLM success, can’t wait to know what your level of leadership is and how you can help them in their business.

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