Traffic Geyser is one of the best and yet controversial video submission software out there. A Traffic Geyser Review has to take many aspects into consideration because video marketing is huge and many successful internet marketers made their way to stardom ONLY through video.

Traffic Geyser Video Submission

This software was created by by Mike Koenigs and Frank Sousa and quickly became very appreciated due to its great capability of submitting videos all over the internet and especially to some of the most important video sharing websites like Youtube and Viddler.

Traffic Geyser it’s much more than just a video blasting software and let’s take a look at the pros and cons to see what it does and if it’s worth it. Before that, let me tell you that TG has right now a free 21-day trial period and after that they charge 100$ per month.

Don’t freak out! If you’re the kind of person that makes 1 video per month, then Traffic Geyser is obviously not for you. But there are tens of thousands of marketers that make hundreds of videos monthly and that makes this software a very, very profitable tool.


1. TG blasts your videos to over 30 important video sharing websites at the click of a button. You can choose the timing of every submission which makes this a great tool for climbing through the search engines. Most of the video submission software out there send your video instantaneously and that can sometime damage your website’s reputation (assuming, of course, that you have a website to promote with your videos) because search engines may interpret that as spam.

2. Recently, TG has come up with a new feature, offering people the chance to submit to 26 of thebest ranked article directories. So if you’re doing some article marketing, this could be great for you!

3. You can quickly create content with the Slideshow Creator, you have a great Lead Page Generator that creates capture pages instantly, you can track your video views, create video and audio players and you also have a keyword research feature.

4. They have an affiliate program and pay 33% commission each month while the member still has a current up-to-date membership.

5. An impressive number of very useful video tutorials that can help you learn a lot about video submission, video production and many other interesting things.


1. The Price – 100$ per month is not cheap! As I already said, this is for the people who are really into doing video marketing as one of their main, regular strategy for promoting their content.

2. The number of websites could be bigger! They support many of the important websites like Youtube, Viddler,, Mega Video, Yahoo Video and many more but other websites like Metacafe and Daily Motion are not on the submission list.

It is obvious that the BIG problem for many people is the price. The software has many things to be appreciated for and overall it is a great tool for those who record videos frequently, and also the affiliate program is very rewarding.

My advice is, if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee, take the 1$ trial and submit as many videos as you can for 21 days! You can quit anytime you like, so that will not be a problem.

Traffic Geyser


If you are an internet marketer I do NOT recommend you to submit your videos to Youtube through Traffic Geyser. Youtube has very strict guidelines and they can close your account anytime without warning! So you have to play by their rules because they are the #3 most visited website in the world and you cannot afford to be left out!

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