Wow, I haven’t been this excited in a while! You know the feeling you get when you join a new opportunity and you really believe in it? I think you get the point!

I usually don’t jump into a new opportunity every month, not even every year. Building a successful team is not something you do overnight and that’s why I never joined more than one business every few years.

The time has come to do it again and I’m very excited so let me tell you a little bit about That Free Thing.

The thing that really caught my attention was FREE STUFF :)

That Free Thing Review

It’s about buying just about anything you can think of for FREE while making a serious residual income!

Ok, let me slow down and I’ll tell you about it. This is a brand new opportunity started on March 1st 2011. Let me tell you what impressed me the most:

1. In less than 2 months there are over 100,000 free members with more than 20,000 of them upgraded! (there’s a monthly fee I will talk about soon)

That Free Thing Review

2. It is a worldwide opportunity which is one of the things I always look for when joining a new business.

3. The system is based on a 3 x 8 forced matrix, which means there will be a lot of “spillover” (new members being sent further down the matrix and anyone will get new people signed up by their upline from time to time).

That Free Thing 3 x 8 Matrix

4. The main purpose of the business is to let its members know about free offers anywhere in the world (free clothes, free food, free travel, free movies and just about anything else you can get for free).

5. There is a very impressive Video Email System which allows you to send incredible looking video emails to people that will make YOU an instant expert (this feature got me excited the most and is alone worth the monthly fee by far!)

That Free Thing Video Email System

6. There are lots of things in progress (the business is still in pre-launch) and still to come are an autoresponder system, a mass email feature, invite tools, phone scripts and much more.

7. An awesome iPhone app to let you know about free product offers available in your area (and also an Android app to come soon)

That Free Thing iPhone app

8. Right now there’s a contest for top 10 enrollers with over $40,000 prizes (the first place gets $20,000 CASH!).

That Free Thing Contest

9. A very easy-to-implement tracking system that will allow you to monitor where your leads come from.

That Free Thing Tracking System

10. Their website already ranks in the top 8,000 websites on!!!

11. You also have a great free ebook from the founder of That Free Thing (which is also being sold on Amazon), a great training library with all the webinars held by TFT successful members, high-converting replicated websites, banners, detailed statistics with your earnings and your team and so on.

Oops, I haven’t talked about the membership costs and the compensation plan yet, so here it goes:

That Free Thing Membership

That Free Thing is not free! :) Just like any network marketing business, it requires a membership fee (you can’t make money off thin air) and here are the requirements:

- a one-time fee of $25 to become an upgraded member
- a $9.95 monthly membership fee

That’s all there is to it! As I already mentioned, I think the Video Email System alone is worth way more than $9.95 per month for those who intend to promote the business on the internet. If you are into internet marketing, this will give you a very powerful tool to send video messages to your prospects and you can use it anytime for anything you like.

That Free Thing Video Email

And if free products saving you thousands of dollars per month isn’t enough here is…

That Free Thing Compensation Plan

That Free Thing Compensation Plan

So, as I already mentioned, TFT members go into a 3 x 8 matrix. There are two ways you can make money:

First of all, 40% of the $25 one-time fee and the $9.95 monthly membership goes out to 8 levels into the network, resulting in a growing monthly income.

What makes this compensation plan very special is the matching bonus: you get 40% of ALL the earnings of your direct signups (no matrix here, you earn 40% from EACH of the people you signed up into That Free Thing). Also, you get 30% of ALL the earnings from indirect signups on level 2 AND level 3!

That Free Thing Matching Bonus

To qualify for these matching bonuses, there are a few requirements: you must have 5 direct signups to be able to earn the 40% from your level 1 members, then as soon as you get to 10 signups you qualify for earning 30% from level 2 members and as soon as you get to 15 personal signups you qualify for the 30% reward from level 3.

So your goal is to have 15 direct signups so you can get all the bonuses available. I think it’s not hard at all considering how easy it is to promote an opportunity that allows access to free things.

One of the first things that came to my mind was that this business is also very easy to promote offline due to its nature. Who doesn’t LOVE free stuff? You tell me!

I could go on and on about That Free Thing but I think this is enough for a first overview. I think this will reach 1,000,000 members in less than a year and will quickly expand everywhere.

Any country that reaches 1,000 TFT members is going to receive full support from the owners of the company which means websites in many languages and, of course, FREE OFFERS anywhere in the world (can you imagine how it would be to go on a vacation on a foreign country and know where you can eat and shop for free?)

That Free Thing Business

So far, USA and UK reached 1,000 members and Canada and Australia are very close. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning so get on board now and you’ll absolutely benefit from it!

I for one am SO excited, these people are launching new things almost every day! See you inside That Free Thing!

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