Welcome to this critical review of the Vemma MLM Business Opportunity.

I was checking out the latest news from the network marketing industry and one in particular caught my attention: Vemma Nutrition is officially launching in Canada. BK Boreyko, Founder and CEO of The Vemma Nutrition Company, stated that expanding the Vemma business in Canada is a natural progression of enhancing health and wellness worldwide. First of all you must know that I am not in any way involved with the Vemma MLM Business, so this is a completely honest, third party look at the opportunity to find out if it’s indeed worth joining.

Vemma – The Company and The Products

Vemma is created by the New Vision founders and is based on the Boreyko family’s idea which was first applied in 2004. It has its home office in Scottsdale, Arizona and has already exceeded $1 billion in retail sales. Vemma Products VEMMA is the abbreviation for Vitamins Essential Minerals Mangosteen Aloe. Their main products are:

Vemma Mangosteen Plus – based on the mangosteen superfruit

Vemma Verve – energy drink that delivers a complete supply of nutrients

Vemma Next – children drink, supports the body’s immune system

Vemma Thirst – the new addition of 2010, a nutritionally complete sports drink

Vemma Vitamins

The products contain more than 66 vitamins and minerals. The use of mangosteen and aloe in Vemma ingredients provides superior nutritional and antioxidant properties and the juice is supplemented by green tea, another powerful antioxidant.

Lab tests have proven that Vemma provides by far more total mangosteen per ounce than any of the other mangosteen based products.

The vast majority of the Vemma reviews by consumers are very positive. The quality and great health benefits of the drink is undeniable and it has very beneficial results in increasing energy, stamina and the overall physical state.

Vemma – The Compensation Plan

Vemma Compensation The Vemma compensation plan consists of 3 tiers of income opportunities. The first tier of income comes from product sales. A distributor can earn between $8.00 and $30.00 for every shipment made, not including first order bonuses. The second tier in the Vemma compensation plan are the team building bonuses. Distributors can earn between $5.00 and $50.00 per automatically shipped order to team members. Vemma offers six bonuses in the team recruiting and sales tier of the compensation plan. The greatest thing about the tiered aspect of the Vemma compensation plan is that it allows team members to focus on building their own leg of the plan, while the upline builds the second leg.

Is Vemma a reliable MLM Business?

The answer is definitely “yes”. Lazy people that see pyramid schemes everywhere can easily say that Vemma doesn’t work but the reality is that this is a trusworthy business as you’ll ever see. Worldwide expansion, the great benefits of the Vemma drinks and the tiered compensation plan make this a very attractive MLM Business.

How can I make my Vemma Business work?

As a Vemma business rep, you really have a choice between marketing your business offline and online. Online marketing requires you to have some marketing skills and even if this seems like a long and difficult road, it is not necessarily like that if you take the time to learn and are dedicated to make things work. Your ideas can now travel the world faster than ever and you can’t imagine how many people are looking right now for a Vemma leader they can trust .

Do you think YOU can be one?

I know you can, but for that to happen you have to take advantage of other people’s experience and become a person that can provide real value and is able to really help their new Vemma business partners.




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