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Online video marketing is one of the best strategies to get traffic or build a brand on the internet. There are many things to be said on the subject but for this article I will give you my 4 best video marketing tips that can get you real exposure and website traffic.

Why is online video marketing so powerful?

One single video with tens of thousands of views can bring you a huge amount of traffic that can guarantee your online success. No matter your website’s niche, video marketing done properly is a certain way to profits.

Its power resides in the impact of video which is stronger than any other promotional method. People love to watch videos and they will do that anytime rather than reading an article or an email.

I will not discuss the things you need for making a nice looking video, that is a topic for another article, my focus is on free tools to use for creating, sending and making the most of your videos.

Here are my best 4 video marketing tips:

1. First of all, there are 2 main categories of videos: the ones in which you show up and talk about various topics and the video tutorials where you record the screen or use a powerpoint presentation to teach people something you know.

The first category requires you to have some sort of camera to record the videos. For someone who wants to get a great camera as cheap as possible, I recommend the Kodak Zi8 (the one I personally use) or the Flip Ultra HD.

For video tutorials you have to use screen capturing software, such as Camtasia (for PC) or ScreenFlow (for Mac). There is also a free version called CamStudio which you can use to do some basic capturing.

2. Try to make your videos as short and entertaining as possible. Keep them under 90 seconds because people seldom have the patience to watch videos longer than that.

The best strategy is to make a compelling message and an explicit call to action in the end. Viewers must know what to do next! Tell them to visit your website, watch another video, read an article, whatever you want them to do but just don’t end your video without precisely specifying what they should do next.

3. Upload your video to the video sharing websites. The most important of them, the ones which actually allow your video to be shown on the search engines results are Youtube, Dailymotion and Metacafe. Other websites like Viddler, Blip.tv, Vimeo, Veoh are also a great source of traffic.

4. When you upload the video, make sure you write a keyword-rich title and place your website URL (including the http://) in the description box! Write a few phrases that describe your video, including your targeted keywords in there.

Add tags to your video! Tags are exactly those keywords you are targeting. Search engines don’t know what your video is about and the only information they get is the title of the video, its description and the tags.

You can see an example of a video’s description and tags below:

Online Video Marketing Tips

Use these video marketing tips and you will definitely have a great advantage over most people who have no idea how to optimize their videos in order to make the most of them.

Video Marketing Tips

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