Today’s XOWii Review is about this network marketing company that recently celebrated its first year of existence. Despite being a newcomer, XOWii is gaining huge popularity increase and has topped the latest update on with a whopping 95% growth over last month.

XOWii Reviews

XOWii, based in Costa Mesa, California and meaning “life” in Greek, is a great example of how an MLM company that relies on just a few products can enjoy great success in a very short period of time.

XOWii – The Product Line

XOWii relies on only 3 health drinks which feature KonaRed Coffee Cherry, a portion of the coffee plant that is often discarded during the harvesting. They are supposed to boost energy, provide the body with essential vitamins and even encourage weight loss.

XOWii Energy Drink

- XOWii Energy – energy booster – contains coffee fruit, acai, elderberry, concord grape
- XOWii Thin – appetite suppressant, containing cha de bugre (the main suppressant element), dietary fiber, mangosteen, peach, mango, ginseng
- XOWii Ultimate – multivitamin and mineral supplement – contains aloe vera, coffee fruit and several cardio, optical, skin and vascular protective ingredients

XOWii – The Compensation Plan

Built on the 2 x 2 duplication system, the business can be grown very fast and bonuses are easier to get compared to other network marketing systems. The great aspect about this plan is that as soon as you enroll your first two distributors, the next ones go down on the next level on your downline helping your team.

Enrollment is only $39.95. You can then choose to purchase a starter pack or kit so you can share the product with others and help them find out about the benefits.

There are 10 ways you can earn money with XOWii including 3 instant bonuses, 3 long-term income generators and 4 ways to create the wealth any new distributor is dreaming of. New distributors can earn the fast start bonus of 60$ as soon as they get 2 new members in their team (30$ from each).

XOWii Business

Furthermore, there’s the fast start matching bonus which can be achieved as soon as your first two team members get two more each. This bonus consists of 20$ for each of the 4 people on your second level, totalling $80.

I’m not going to get into more details, my goal for this XOWii Review is to offer a real solution for new distributors to enjoy success in network marketing.

How can the MLM dream become real?

First of all, there are nearly 190,000 people who join a network marketing company every month. This is very encouraging and you can only be very positive about this huge opportunity called MLM.

The main problem is the very small percent of people who really get to live the MLM dream lifestyle. Less than 3% of network marketers make money on a consistent basis and less than 1% get to the highest, most rewarding levels of their companies.

This can only mean that the methods they are using are inefficient. In my opinion, the old-school methods of going out talking to thousands of people about your business are completely taken over by the amazing, expanding power of the internet.

The new generation of 7 figure MLM earners has taken the world by storm. They rely solely on promoting their businesses on the internet and it is a proven fact that most of these highly successful individuals achieved expert status and got to live their dreams in less than one year.

The gates are open for those people hungry for success and nothing stands in your way to duplicate that!

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